Bikepacking Solo–Why?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been traveling with Brian and Janet, a couple from Atascadero, CA who are riding The Baja Divide on a mountain tandem. To say the least, it has been one of the highlights of this entire trip. This is because of two reasons: Primarily, they are great people who, … Continue reading

What’s Mexico Like?

Well, some of what I was expecting, but much of these first few weeks in Baja have been full of discovery and pleasant surprises. Bike travel here is much different than in the states in just about every way. Well maybe that’s not the case but sometimes it feels like it. Yes, I’m still riding … Continue reading

End of the American Dirt Road

From Las Vegas, I rode south. Many a powerline service road, some National Park travel, great family time, and plenty of the sun. It was a great section but I was ready to get to San Diego to take a rest and see some family and friends. After a good rest in Las Vegas which included watching … Continue reading

Finishing the Plateau Passage

The second half of the Plateau Passage: Views, cold, hot, and a lot of dirt. After some good coffee and, dare I say, the best piece of cherry pie I’ve ever had, I was on the road again. Climbing out of Boulder into the Dixie National Forest, the route followed a variety of grated roads, ATV … Continue reading