The First Few Days (Week?)



Some things have gone to plan, as much as there was one, and some things have not.  First, my rack broke as I was just getting into Breckenridge–good timing, I guess. With some help from a great local shop (Breckenridge Bike Guides), I rigged up a fix and still had some time to enjoy Oktoberfest.   



The front basket has been by far the most worrisome and now, problematic part of my bike. It will be sweet/handy in the future when I’m riding dirt roads and not Rocky Mountain passes full or roots and rocks. But for now, it’s a bit of a nuisance–but I guess I knew that when I picked the system.  On the upside, my fear of breaking the rack has made me more gentle with the bike—probably sparing other parts that might break otherwise. Luckily, a sturdier rack is on its way.

The first few days were great…a combination of working out ‘starting anxiety’ and settling into a rhythm. I’m already tired of classic freeze dried food, granola, and the like. On to summer sausage, bagels, and BELVITAs. The body feels good, the bike is performing amazingly for being so heavy and strangely weighted, and sleep is good enough.  



Some parts of the trail do not allow bikes due to their wilderness designation. Thus, bikes take a re-route, usually on dirt roads. This is both a blessing and a curse because, on the one hand, I’m missing some of the most beautiful sections of the trail–but on the upside, I get to cover some pretty quick miles.







I’m meeting some people but the trail is relatively empty, all things considered. But one thing is for sure, people are way nicer on trail than other places. Everyone stops, chats, asks how things are going, etc. The first person I talked to in Breck was the bus driver who told me it was probably best if I waited for the next ride because the bike rack on the bus was ‘full’ and he’d prefer if I didn’t bring my bike on the bus….meh. So I rode into town like a biker should, according to the driver.




The highlights thus far have been bombing down miles of flowy singletrack on the backside of the continental divide listening to ‘Still Young’ by The Cat Empire and setting up my tent under lift 10 on the Breckenridge ski slopes while being curiously circled by kit foxes.

I promise future posts will be more thematic and less bla bla bla…this is what I’ve done so far.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Love the picture with the bike in the Aspen trees. Once a Coloradan…

    Happy trails

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